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the cover of the royal docks design guide. It shows a pavementfrom above witha woman running across it.

Royal Docks design guide:
Accessibility & inclusive design

Date: 2020

Publisher: Royal Docks

A landscape that's a joy to explore and that has everything you need. A place where natural beauty and historic artefacts are thoughtfully highlighted, and where every route is accessible, intuitive and suitably lit. This was the vision for the public realm and landscape in the Royal Docks, and four Design Guides were published that set out a detailed code for how to achieve this.

The Royal Docks was once a place united by a singular purpose as London’s largest port. Vast tracts of water where ships unloaded their cargo remain at its heart. But the Royal Docks’ purpose has changed. Now, the land around the docks is home or workplace to thousands of people, and a spot to relax, swim or visit for thousands more.

The cover of the inclusive urban design guide. It shows a group of people walking through a park on a sunny day.

Inclusive Urban Design: A guide to creating accessible public spaces

Date: 2013 

Publisher: BSI, CAE

This guide addresses how our public spaces, streets, and pathways can be inclusively designed to match the significant advances made in the last three decades regarding our buildings and our transport infrastructure.

The guide is seen as an essential reference for designers and also for local authorities seeking a one-stop-shop document suitable as a reference when drafting their local plan and other policy documents. 

Drawing on the established language of planners, architects, landscape architects, urban designers and highway engineers, the guide applies an overlay of inclusive design principles and provides a framework for their application and evaluation.

Publications Contributed to by DBA:

The cover of 'applying inclusive design principles to eco-town development'.

Applying inclusive design principles to eco-town development: eco-towns inclusive worksheet

Date: 2009

Publisher: Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA)

wheelchair accessible housing guide cover

Wheelchair accessible housing: Designing homes that can be easily adapted for residents who are wheelchair users

Date: 2007 

Publisher: Greater London Authority

Cover to 'open for business: creating a barrier free customer experience.'

Open for Business: Creating a barrier-free customer experience

Date: 2005

Publisher: Employers' forum on disability

cover of 'customer access'

Customer access; Policy, technical aids and buildings: The 'Triple Audit'

Date: 2000

Publisher: Employers' forum on disability

cover of 'care home placement: care or accommodation determined?'. There is an axonometric section drawing of a house below the title.

Care home placement: Care or accommodation determined?

Date: 1998

Publisher: JRF with City of York Council

cover of the lifetime home 'perception' project.

Lifetime homes "Perception" project: Residents' perception of lifetime homes

Date: 1996

Publisher: Joseph Rowntree Foundation

the cover of 'access to the workplace: a guide for employers' below the title is a cartoon showing a wheelchair user buying a suit.

Access to the workplace: a guide for employers 

Publisher: Employers' Forum on Disability with The Bucknall Group

The cover of 'making existing buildings accessible: museum and art galleries.' The background is of a group of people leaving a museum.

Making existing buildings accessible:
Museums and art galleries

Date: 2007

Publisher: CAE and RIBA Publishing

CABE Design and Access statements cover

Design and access statements: How to write, read and use them

Date: 2006

Publisher: CABE

cover of 'open for business: taking the risk out of 2004'

Open for Business: Taking the risk out of 2004

Date: 2004

Publisher: Employers' forum on disability

cover of 'accessible new housing' with images of homes and wheelchair users on the front.

Accessible thresholds in new housing: Guidance for house builders and designers

Date: 1999

Publisher: The Stationary Office

the cover of 'designing an accessible city' featuring a view of the city of london sky line.

Designing an accessible city: Guidelines for an accessible built environment for disabled people in the City of London

Date: 1998

Publisher: Corporation of London

cover of the 'housing for people with disabilities' design guide.

Housing for people with disabilities: A design guide

Date: 1986

Publisher: London Borough of Islington Architects Department

lifetime homes book cover.

Shared ownership, Lifetime homes: Making it work

Publisher: The Shared Ownership Lifetimes Homes Group

Relevant Publications:

There is now significantly more guidance relating to inclusive design available than there was when the Disability Discrimination Act was passed in 1995.  Listed here are some that we have found useful alongside keeping up to date with the latest standards and innovations within the field. 

The cover of approved document M.

Access to and use of buildings: Approved document M

inclusive design standards cover

Inclusive design standards: London Legacy Development Corporation

Easy access to historic landscapes cover.

Easy access to historic landscapes

easy access to historic buildings cover.

Easy access to historic buildings

Lifetime homes design guide cover.

Lifetime homes design guide

The access audit handbook cover.

The access audit handbook: An inclusive approach to auditing buildings

Wheelchair design guide 2nd edition cover

Wheelchair housing design guide

designing an accessible city cover

Designing an accessible city: Guidelines for an accessible built environment for all in the City of London

Easy access to historic buildings cover.

Easy access to historic buildings

The accessible office cover.

The Accessible Office: Designing the inclusive workforce

The colour, light, and contrast manual cover.

The colour, light and contrast manual: Designing and managing inclusive built environments

'sign design guide' cover.

Sign design guide: A guide to inclusive signage

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