St Bartholomew the Great

Architect: Martin Ashley Architects

Client: The Church of St Bartholomew the Great

Project completion: 2003


The historic building of St Bartholomew the Great offers a wide variety of services, attracting visitors for religious reasons as well as to experience its Norman architecture. The church is a major tourist attraction offering private and group tours and hosting musical events and lectures throughout the year.  In addition it lets out the cloister for corporate entertainment and is a popular venue for filmmakers. 


David Bonnett Associates was appointed to carry out an access audit as St Bartholomew’s wished to encourage disabled visitors. The practice provided a range of short and longer-term recommendations, ranging from effective and low cost improvements requiring minimal physical intervention to more extensive adaptations that might require fund raising and approval from heritage and other stakeholders.


The low impact suggestions included providing pre-visit access information on the church’s website; ensuring the approach path be made more slip resistant by cleaning and considering rescheduling lectures from the crypt to the Lady Chapel.  


The longer-term suggestions included providing a unisex accessible WC and providing hard wiring to allow the existing P.A system to function as an induction loop. 

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