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70 St Mary Axe

Architect: Foggo Architects & MACE

Client: Nuveen

Project completion: 2019


This iconic building is also  known as ‘The Can of Ham’ due to its high rise arched profile. Designed by Foggo Architects and built by MACE it was completed in 2019 after many years of gestation when finally Nuveen, an American developer bought the site with its planning consent in 2011.


The 21 storey tower is in the group of high rise buildings in St Mary Axe and opposite the Gherkin, in the City of London.


The building shape maximizes public realm space at pavement level and achieves maximum office space by its clever extended shape above ground. The detailing both externally and internally is exquisite. The whole of the ground level space is given to an impressive two storey reception and foyer with a framed reception area with access to lifts and toilets facilities discreetly arranged within the decorative concrete finishes.


Foggo architects sought the assistance from DBA in 2008 at the initial concept stage.  Their aim was to achieve an inclusive development that looked ahead in terms of exemplar standards. This enabled Foggos to draw upon DBA experience and interpretation of current and anticipated standards so that the design might incorporate effective integration between inclusive functionality and innovative form.


From when planning consent was granted in 2008 DBA’s involvement continued right up to completion and was part of a close and successful working relationship with the City of London District Surveyors office. Innovative solutions were discussed and agreed with them as part of the ongoing dialogue for Building Regulation approvals.


The result is a carefully designed building where inclusive access has been achieved to exceptionally high standards without compromising the aesthetic and functional characteristics of this iconic building.

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70 St Mary Axe
Image by Bobulous
View of 70 St Mary Axe from street
Image by Bobulous
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